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 Below sight on BDSM relationship or blog of litter - girl 

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Unread post Below sight on BDSM relationship or blog of litter - girl

For a whole month we did not have anything. Sometimes a slap on the ass a couple of times, that's all. And like crazy. So much so, that brought the usual sex less fun, and I unconsciously, like any unsatisfied woman, hysterical and started to become impudent. In general, of course, to all the same bump.
Today is still no different from the previous ones, we were, chatting, and then started talking about sex naturally fight. Eventually he grew hysterical, got out of bed and went into the kitchen. At this point I was really scary and did not want anything 'this' what I said and immediately. But who will listen to me? He came back and said, 'Shut up and turn on your stomach. I do not care that you do not want. Be patient. ' I obediently rolled over on his stomach, he pulled my panties and gently ran his hand over protruding ass and struck the first match. Right bun burned a sharp pain. By the way, my ass at that time was already familiar with matches. Sit the first 2-3 days is simply unrealistic, and the following week is extremely unpleasant, though tolerated.
So, at this moment I am very sorry that run up and that recently got a new pack of matches - on my butt was extinguished every one. Tears flowed, muscles cramp from the pain, I begged him to stop, but the answer is always received: 'Shut up and be patient.' However, not only flowing tears between the legs was a real lake, I felt like running down his thighs on the sheet.
When the match ended, and I was glad that's over, I was destined to be upset again - fresh blisters poured hot wax. It hurt unbearably, but when the wax on the stack directly in the hollow excited pussy, I realized that before I was not hurt. It has to endure was quite impossible - when melted wax for the first time concerns the clitoris, abdomen and thigh cramp up until the wax cools. By the time I was on the verge - very aroused by the fact that I do not really want to, but in my opinion no one was interested, I had been treated as a thing. Therefore, when the hot wax drops touched the clitoris, I came through the tears.
Further more. He got up, took me by the hair, pulled them strongly and started fucking throat. All of my face and it was so wet with tears, and now added to them and snot. At times, he brushed aside me, spit in his face, smeared and beat a strong, biting slap.
And finally, he still decided to give her a whore cum - masturbate rough, long and hard, everything I love. Even ass got. Cum I was allowed to just 7 or 8, no less, then he took his hand covered my discharge, and I fucked her throat, smearing my same finish on my face, and from time to time strongly whipping her cheeks.
In the end he went to smoke, and his whore on her knees next to him, she was told to keep their hands behind their backs and watch as he puts out his cigarette on the papilla and so exhausted.
Throughout the process, I ran a waterfall, but after the words: 'And where is' thank you'? You should thank me for all that I do for you ', I was just blown away.
+ Bonus and I still, after all this thoroughly ripped in the ass. I love when it ends up in my ass, pulls and gets to suck, especially if the member is also a bit dirty.
To summarize: the penalty for 'big mouth' came out so-so, although vyebyvaetsya really no longer want - I got what I wanted.

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Unread post Re: Below sight on BDSM relationship or blog of litter - gir

It all began, as usual, with my disobedience. Even when I was at work, cr me, though quite extensively, but hinted that tonight will be tough.
House while I was in the closet, under the bed, he pulled the piece - straps with loops, in order to 'crucify' in bed - tie, legs apart and hands. I just said I did not particularly feel good, but I was under the pretext of 'just try' still tied up, and eventually the straps are adjusted so that I absolutely could not move. Only instead of 'try' and unbind with me took off her bra, ass cork inserted in the mouth - gag and eyes wearing a mask.
To say that I was at the time it was scary - to say nothing. Because I defiance considerably, and therefore the punishment is appropriate.
He went into the kitchen, a little there fumbled, came into the room and sat on the bed next to me. And after just a couple of seconds I felt on the edges under the right sisechki unbearable pain, sweetish smell of burnt meat. Then to me he has removed the mask, taking a promise not to twitch and scream, and put two more hallmarks: in the ass and a left sisechki on the edges. It was unbearably painful, I tore the gag all lips, eyes shed tears. Then as usual (and just the way I like): slapping, spitting, hard masturbation, spreading it all over the face, back slaps. I, being crucified on the bed, she could not even close. Although, who am I kidding - I would not become closed, if I had a free hand.
Then he untied me and threw a short 'on all fours and follow me. " Some time later he changed his mind: 'can only go on my knees. " At this point, I did not resist, I was insanely good. He kicked my legs, forced to take the foot with his hands and only go on my knees, that I naturally did not work, for which I got kicked in the ass or pussy, spit in his face, made me not care about myself, and then spread it on the face, put out bull on my tongue and dragged by the hair. Once, when I lay down on the bed, ran his finger down my ass, straight at the hole, and then shoved my finger in his mouth and said: 'Do you know what it was? Your dirty grease. '
In general, the evening was a success, the penalty again went so-so, on the contrary, violence of rules more and more to me so often punished.

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Unread post Re: Below sight on BDSM relationship or blog of litter - gir

I think it is possible to begin to miss the entry because the vast majority of posts will start the same way. As a rule, we all go on hours worked (and it seemed all happy) scenario: I disobey and provoke him, he gets angry and punish and then rigidly fucks like the last bitch.
In fact, the situation today was no exception. 'Bring the peas' - was his response to the next portion of my disobey. These words were enough to lower abdomen was warm, and in my panties - wet. I obediently went to the kitchen and brought what was asked. He poured a thin layer of peas on the floor and ordered the 'Get up on your knees, toes that have always been pressed to the floor, back straight and ahead ass rotten.' So I stood a little less than 10 minutes, but it was not enough: every second solid pea harder and harder hit in the knee, causing an involuntary contraction of the muscles on the legs. And it is the time to play with my nipples, caressing the clitoris, giving slaps, strangling, and when it seemed that I was not sufficiently hurt, either advancing behind on my calves, strengthening pressure or caused me to step on his feet. 'Well, like a whore kneel?' Oh yes, how. Panties in this whores were already soaking wet and dizzy from the unbearable desire to feel his cock in itself.
Finally, I was allowed to get up from his knees, to remove her panties and sit on the top Master. But it was impossible to insert, just rubbing wet pussy on his standing member. And torture is still over, owner allowed to insert, I sat on him until the end, as far as possible, and almost immediately had finished so that I almost passed out. Only now no one allowed me to finish, for which I received a few strong slaps.
Perhaps it was the best sex of my life. I can usually slightly delay the orgasm, if the owner does not allow me to finish, but this time it was just impossible, I finished without stopping. After sex, she could not get over it for about an hour, I was shaking and tears flowed, but it did not prevent him almost immediately pull out my second time. In between he had sex rough paw me, slap hitting, jerked and tormented sisechki. 'Whore all like it?' In principle, a rhetorical question, could well touch my wet pussy - copious flowing on the ass and thighs would be a very comprehensive answer.
Immediately after sex, I was sent to sleep in the legs, where I belong.
The owner use his whore, slut no longer needed, it sits in the legs and is looking forward to the pleasure of the Master permission to deliver again.

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Unread post Re: Below sight on BDSM relationship or blog of litter - gir

Stupid whore and slut. Dirty whore. Animal. All day at work was held under similar messages. Of course, work well, I could not concentrate. It seems that even jeans were soaked through. Therefore, when I was ordered to go to the toilet, wipe the cum and lick her hand, I am not just walked - ran to most anything dip in your hot pussy languish.
Mr. ospodi, I'm really dirty whore. I was standing in a stinking public toilet, I thrust three fingers deep in pussy, masturbate, take out my hand, I look like my Concha runs already on Palchikov and lick. And she think about how the owner right here in dirty booth, takes me by the hair, pulls jeans and pulls firmly, forcing the dirty lick push. And then cums inside and does not allow the wipes makes back to get dressed and go to work further with resultant pisechki over. And I'm sitting on the workplace, knowing what I whore who gives himself to fuck right in dirty public toilet, and even ready to lick a boost, if only it thoroughly ripped.
I could not wait for the end of the day, that I finally pulled well. Already in the street, when we met with the Boss, I immediately banned open his mouth without permission. In principle, rightly, the main purpose of my company - to suck and not complain. And at an entrance owner just unbuttoned his jacket and began to roughly grope his chest, twisting the nipples. In fact, a cheap slut. I was standing in the stinking stairwell, I unbuttoned his jacket to give her torment and sisechki CURRENT with this fountain. Already legs give way, so you want me to be fucked right here. House owner I simply rude throws on the bed, undress and, finally puts me two fingers in the pussy. And I want it shoved her elbow, as a minimum, madly want to be stretched. 'Who is this nasty lustful slut, ready to do anything for the sake of her fucked? Who whore dirty, which only need to use its holes? Usable only blowjob? ' I, I, and again I am. Do not stop, let me finish at least a couple of times. Stomach cramp, feel skvirchu, but he does not stop. The second, third, fourth time, urine and ending trickles down my thighs and the pubis, lacking hands, with hands dripping, smearing it to me in the face, puts his hand to his throat again spreads and gets slapped, then puts his fingers back, plus the one in ass, cum once again, takes his hand, looks at me and says. Dirty whore. Lustful animal. Whore. And I agree with him, because I realize that I was lying all over, and in his own urine, CURRENT with this and ready to do anything just to feel his cock in itself. I agree, and I beg to fuck me and he hit me in the face. 'We fucking only when I want to pull my whore, but not when it wants to. Slut, she is the whore, and always want to expose their holes at the slightest request.
I forgot to say that immediately after work we went to McDonald's, but that is not eaten, they took with them. And it's all mixed up and like a filthy mess, lay on the floor in a bowl. He pushed me, simply languish with desire, foot of the bed and got it to eat. It is to eat, because animals do not eat and do not eat and guzzle. And at that moment I was just lustful animals, otherwise you will not name. And not only in the moment, if it clean. It is time to come to terms with the fact that I was on the limp animal life, which should in all unquestioningly obey their master. By the way, while I guzzled it is filmed on my phone. Insanely ashamed, but CURRENT with the realization that I'm so dirty.
And then he made me suck, only what I can do, but to push my legs and expose their holes Boss. I tried very hard, it did not go unnoticed and I was finally allowed to insert his dick pussy that I immediately made and then finished so that dizzy. While he fucked me - forced to masturbate himself ass fingers. On the tenth orgasm I lost count, but in the end just almost passed out, this was something unreal. After sex, I was lying, tuck two fingers in the pussy, fingering, to get them all in his semen, licking and thrust her back. I was little, I wanted to feel myself again in his cock and then take it to finish their holes. But not for me to decide when I have to fuck, this I have a landlord. And he had enough he borrowed his bitch once. So I pushed the foot of the bed and adjusting kicks ass and pussy, driven on all fours in the kitchen. The owner wanted to smoke, and he needed a footrest and an ashtray. So I dutifully stood on all fours with his mouth wide open, and I was on his back with his feet, shook off the ashes in his mouth and spat in his face. In general, it did little good at that this dirty slut like me. The host finished his, put out the bull in my mouth, playing with my ass and pussy, and drove me kicking in the room, lay down on the bed, and I was at his feet, in its rightful place. For me the honor - to be a footstool of his master. I spat a few times in the face, forced to spit out the bull and the ashes on themselves. 'Unnecessary dirty creature. What do you do availest?
Suck dick and expose the hole on demand.' 'And?' 'That's all.' 'Stupid whore.'- He threw, lay down on the pillow, and put his feet on me. And about 20 minutes and I was lying, dirty, in finished and saliva, wet from his own saliva steers his chest, with his feet on his stomach Host, realizing how nasty and dirty whore.
Then I was allowed to go wash up and I fell asleep at the feet of the Master happy.
From all this I concluded that I was madly in love when they treat me like this deserves so cheap and lowered slut like me.

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Unread post Re: Below sight on BDSM relationship or blog of litter - gir

I sat at work, wrote the last post and flowed like the last bitch. So much so that when I went to the toilet and prispustila panties to her knees - from pisechki them to strings stretched over, and they had a pool of themselves. And I could not resist - entered a three fingers, masturbate, attracted more finished and stuffed in her mouth. I had to do so again 6 or 7, to become less dry between the toes. And I did it myself, without the owner's orders. Just because I'm a dirty slut, and I wanted something to stick to, to taste its Cum in the mouth, and because I knew that I praise. 'Umnichka. House carefully bent his slut. '
When we went to the elevator, zassal and smelly, I lifted her jacket and legs wide apart to my host could polapat. She felt at that moment dirty lustful animals, but could not do anything with him - madly wanted to feel if it is not a member, then at least touch. At home, I quickly stripped to his underwear and lay on the bed, but the owner is not in a hurry: sat, eaten, then lay down beside her and looked at me, while I simply languished - longed to feel it in yourself. Then he took off her bra and began to torment sisechki, biting and twisting nipples. I so wanted his touch, that I almost finished with the usual stimulation papillae. 'You want me to put your fingers?' 'Yes, I beg you, put.' 'What did you do to me for it?' 'Whatever, just paste.' After these words, he took me by the hair and forced to suck. I sucked for a long time, and when tired - looked up ingratiatingly at him in anticipation of the promised reward. But the owner just took me by the hair and dragged her to the toilet, raised toilet seat and dipped my head into the toilet. So me and fucked - cancer in the toilet, causing the rim to lick dirty from time to time put on his knees, lifting his hair, and forced suck, giving slaps. At that moment I felt in its rightful place. Dirty blowjob-girl and a whore. I was just in the toilet and pull.
We ended up in bed, but before going out of the closet, I asked Master to me masturbate right there. I stood with potekshey ink, the whole face was in saliva, snot, my grease and moisture from the shock, hair, for which I was held, pressing against the wall, dripping water mixed with urine, and I ran like a bitch and begged to masturbate me. I finished squirt, and all the liquid smeared on my face and so wet. And then we, as I said before, moved into the room where the owner finished to me. After sex, I did lay cumshot, covered in saliva, urine and water from the shock, realizing itself blyadinoy and dirty bedding. So dirty that the owner was disgusting even to touch me, not that kiss. 'Go pomoysya and do not forget to brush your teeth, stupid whore.'
After I pomylas, Master gave me another 3 times to finish off his hands, forced to lick all, and that is not lapped up - smeared on my face, he wiped his hands on me and I fell asleep dirty fucked and happy. As befits a real whore.

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