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Summer Rae -I want to be your good girl


My bitch of a wife left me last year. She is so selfish that she even left me with her 18 year old daughter. The poor girl was pretty scared that I would kick her out of the house after her mom left, but I can't blame her for her mother's actions. I'm letting her daughter live with me while she figures out what she's going to do with her life. In exchange for cleaning around the house, cooking now and then and helping me keep this place livable, I�m letting her live her rent-free.

She's been extra helpful around the house lately, which is good and bad. I love that I don�t have to worry about things, but there is a certain lack of privacy in the house. It's hard to bring a date home and have to explain why I'm living with a hot 18 year old girl. It�s also hard not to look at her as a young woman and not as my daughter. The lack of privacy also spills into my personal space. She has made a habit of coming into to use my bathroom while I'm in the shower, claiming that her toilet is clogged or some other nonsense.

I was startled when I came out of the shower to find her sitting on my bed. Ever the helpful daughter, she told me that she wanted to do everything my wife did when she lived in the house. She�s pretty pissed at her mom, and made it very clear that she liked living with me, and wanted to do anything to make me happy. She even offered to put lotion on my legs after my shower. I hesitated a moment, but then figured that if this cute young girl, who isn't really related to me, wants to be extra helpful, who am I to deny her?

I lay down on the bed, and she began to run her hands over my legs and upper thighs, rubbing in some cool lotion. It felt great, so I closed my eyes and let her make me feel good. Her hands began to slide higher and higher under my towel, lightly brushing against my balls and shaft with her fingertips. It felt wonderful, even though my conscience was a little guilty for letting my stepdaughter touch me like this. Finally she took off my towel and told me that she really wanted to massage my cock for me. I was lost in her touch by this time, and she began to slide her hands up and down my shaft.

She told me how long she had been wanting to do this, and how she used to listen to her me and her mom fucking in the room next to hers. She said that she imagined that I would come into her room all the time. This was one horny 18 year old girl I was living with. I let her stroke me, as she promised that this would be our secret. Her hand pumped up and down my engorged shaft faster and faster, until I couldn't hold back any longer. I let a creamy load blast from my cock, covering my girl's hand. When she asked me if she could spend the night in my bed, I knew that life would never be the same at home again.

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Duration :00:16:48

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A Big Cock Father Floods His Daughter's Hairless Little-Girl Hole With His Seed


Lucy Doll is a little hairless girl who is to be punished for eating sweets (candy) before dinner by her daddy. They make alternate arrangements :yes2:
She deep-throats her fathers long fat cock before he shoves it up her bald little-girl hole in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, finally flooding his daughters womb with his father-seed :mad:

File Size :329mb
Resolution :1280x720mp4
Duration :00:24:49

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Vanessa Cage - Love of a Father 1080


Scene One: Late Night Blackmail
Daughter is sneaking into the house and gets caught by dad, and he asks her why she is late coming home and why is she dressed like a stripper, she confesses that she works at the high end gentlemen club, dad is not pleased and says we will need to tell your mother as we can't allow this, she says no daddy I will do whatever you need me too, he says well you better stop and clean up your room and get good grades in school, she says yes I will but dad says I will still need to tell your mother, she says no daddy, let me show you how good I am, I make 400 bucks an hour, dad says that's stupid I can give you that much with no problem, she says let me show you, I'll give you a lapdance/strip tease, daughter starts giving her dad the most sexiest and erotic lapdance, causing dads cock to rise and grinds her ass on her dad, sits on her dads lap cowgirl, grinding back and fourth, she has really nice feet and puts her feet on dads chest and strokes it up and down. She notices her dads got a boner and says daddy omg your dick is hard, she says how about I give you a blowjob from your daughter so you don't tell mom, she slowly starts blowing her dad, until he blows in her mouth.

Scene Two: Dad is Addicted to his Daughter
Now Dad is addicted to his daughter, he starts to spy on her while she is in the shower or doing her workouts, trying to get another peek of his girls ass, while daughter is working out, Dad approaches her and says are you still working at the club? Daughter laughs and says no daddy he says that's not what I saw, he says well you can work there for the summer then stop but to protect yourself let me teach you some self defense submission moves, he shows his daughter, grinding up against her ass some moves, she tells her daddy I can wrestle, so dad says show me, she suggest they get naked as she doesn't want her workout clothes getting ruined, now both naked, bare feet, but dad quickly moves/rolls her over and now in the missionary position, daughter locks her feet tightly and says to her dad, try to escape, she wraps her legs and feet tightly locked around her dad, dad finally escapes and rolls his daughter onto her stomach, he grinds up her ass, putting his arms around her neck, spreading her legs, he holds her down in this position and says what will you do if someone had you down like this and their cock was going to go into your ass, she says show me daddy and I will try to escape, he slams his cock into her pussy, fucking her hard, she laughs and says come on dad fuck me harder or I'll escape, he keeps fucking her until he grabs her by the hair and blasts all over her mouth and tongue.

Here's a fantastic recent Vanessa Cage scene where she plays a daughter who gets caught by her dad working at a "gentleman's club" and to avoid getting ratted out to mom, she sucks his cock. Later, in a plot that could only be conceived of by fetish pornographers, dad gives her a self defense lesson by fucking her in prone bone, missionary and doggy style. After cumming a huge load in Vanessa's mouth, he asks her "you feel safer now, sweetie?" Silly plot aside, this scene is filmed from great angles that really show off Vanessa's big, heavy tits and her gigantic ass and she takes a pretty big cumshot in her mouth at the end.

File Size :1.34gb
Resolution :1920x1080wmv
Duration :00:27:50

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My Sister Sleeps Naked 1080p


STARRING: Anna de Ville, Aspen Ora, and Eric John Daddy and daughter Anna want to have some naked play time, but this time they want to mix things up and play with sister, Caitlyn as well. Daddy says it�s okay because Caitlyn sleeps so soundly that she will never know what happened. Daddy and Anna have fun, she goes down on his hard cock and takes it deep. She sucks him hard and then he enters her tight little girl pussy and she moans in delight. Daddy rides his little girl hard. Then they turn Caitlyn to her side and bring her in on the action and as Daddy is putting his big cock into Caityln, Anna masturbates as she watches with excitement. As Daddy comes in Caitlyn he tells Anna �don�t worry my cock is still yours honey� and Daddy brings his big cock and sticks it in Anna. She loves her daddy and his hard throbbing dick in her tight little pussy. He comes his big load deep inside his little girl and pats both the �cum filled sisters�. Before Caitlyn can wake up Daddy and Anna cover her back up like nothing happened and sneak out. Explicit Sexual Content, Nudity, Posing, Blow Job, Body views, , Foot Views, Daddy's Girls. Presented in 1920X1080 High Definition MP4 Format

Personal observations and scene detail:

The Tabooddhist is one of the better inc roleplay sites the plots are better thought out in my opinion. This sleep sex fetish scene was no different, Anna de Ville and Aspen Ora are gorgeous!

Scene includes: Incest, Blowjob, Missionary Sex, TittyFuck, Cunnilingus, and Sleep Sex

File Size :1.28gb
Resolution :1920x1080mp4
Duration :00:17:30

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Family Incest


File Size :97mb
Resolution :1280x720flv
Duration :00:08:07

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