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Nickey Huntsman - Daddy's Young Glory Hole


Nickey is hanging out in the kitchen by herself ready a dirty novel and it starts to turn her on. Shes getting really wet and she just has to touch herself. She starts rubbing her pussy and grinding her hips against her fingers as she moans. Shes really getting hot and wet when her dad walks in and catches her. Hes upset because the kitchen is a mess and shes reading dirty novels and she just got suspended from school. They start to fight because he doesnt approve of her behavior but shes not taking him seriously. So he bends her over and starts spanking her. He wants to teach her a lesson. But she just isnt learning it. So he turns to another method of teaching her a lesson and pulls out his cock for her to suck. He sits in the chair she was touching herself in earlier and she gets on her knees. She starts sucking his dick, using her hands as he holds her hair back. She feels so good with her pretty mouth wrapped around his dick so he wants more. He pulls off her shirt and bends her over the table, pulling her panties down to her ankles. Then he slips his cock inside. He starts fucking his baby girl hard, flips her over with her legs up in the air and fucks her some more. But he wants to cum in her mouth, so he gets back on the chair and she keeps sucking his dick, licking the head and gripping the shaft until he cums in her mouth and she swallows.

File Size :277mb
Resolution :1280x720wmv
Duration :00:12:07

Thumbnails :


DOWNLOAD <> : ... y_Hole.wmv

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Naughty Daughter


File Size :273mb
Resolution :1280x720flv
Duration :00:22:54

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Candid Mixed Bathing Incest Wall Between The Women's Bath And Man Yu Collapses


I don't speak Japanese but it seems to me that the plot goes something like this: An old man brings his daughter/granddaughter/niece (the film is classified as incest porn) to a bathhouse where she and her girlfriends, who for some reason just happen to be there, jerk, suck and fuck older men through a plastic foam wall in a large hot-tub.

The first scene features an old man jerking off while watching a teen girl lather herself with soap, they take turns washing each other and then the girl jerks him off until he cums.

The second scene starts off with two teen girls sitting in the hot-tub while another girl sits close by and shaves her armpits and pussy, they are being spied on by an older man who ends up breaking through the wall and grabbing one of the girls, an angry pool guard arrives and shouts at the girls until two of them leave the hot-tub, the old man and the girl he grabbed start to rebuild the wall until they get bored and she jerks him off and gives him a blowjob, the man then starts fucking her in various positions, another man arrives in the pool and watches them fuck, and finally the old man gives the girl creampie and the desperately tries to wash the cum out of her pussy.

The third scene features a busty girl getting her breasts fondled through the wall by an older man. She then breaks through the wall and gives the man a titfuck until he cums all over her lovely tits. In the end they get caught by the pool guard who gets mad and asks them to leave the hot-tub.

The fourth scene starts off with a teen girl with pigtails showering before she goes to the hot-tub. Soon after entering the hot-tub she starts to make out with a guy through the wall, she then gives him a handjob while an older man watches them. Later on the guys switch and the girl starts jerking off the old man and fingering herself while he fondles her tiny tits. She also sucks the old mans finger alot while she fingers her pussy like crazy. The old man then fingers her pussy a bit while they make out through the wall. Finally the wall breaks and the old man goes through it and forces the girl to give him a blowjob until he cums in her mouth. Afterwards the girl thanks the old man and even bows to him out of respect.

The fifth scene starts off with an older man jerking off while watching a teen girl bath in the hot-tub. The girl catches him and acts surprised but gets too curious and starts to jerk him off as well as sucking his dick. The man fingers the girl through the wall until she cums and squirts allover the place. He then licks her pussy from behind before fucking her doggystyle while an older woman watches them. They fuck so hard that the wall breaks, the man cums in the girl's pussy and the woman yells at them for breaking the wall and even slaps the girl. After the older woman leaves the hot-tub the teen girl becomes distraught and starts to cry, the man consoles her and they make out. He then starts to lick and fondle her breasts. He also fingers her pussy a bit before she sits on his face so he can lick her pussy well. Finally the man fucks the girl in various positions until he explodes inside her and the girl watches while his cum leaks out of her teen pussy and down her ass.

File Size :1.02gb
Resolution :640x360mp4
Duration :01:57:51

Thumbnails :


DOWNLOAD <> : ... .part1.rar ... .part2.rar ... .part3.rar

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Hot Daughter & Daddy


File Size :63.9mb
Resolution :426x240mp4
Duration :00:15:32

Thumbnails :


DOWNLOAD <> : ... _Daddy.mp4

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Please Beat his Cum To My Egg


Princess Leia comes home from a date worried that she may have gotten pregnant. She seduces daddy into some POV sex in a race to beat out her date's cum. She tarts off with some innocent banter as Princess Leia convinces daddy to do the deed. She proceeds to slowly strip. This is followed with a warm-up BJ. POV doggy style follows with a finish up in missionary while our princess begs for his seed. She gets it with a creampie finish!

Oh my god, I'm in such big trouble... I had sex on my date tonight and.. well, I swear I thought I told him to use protection! It's really important to me. I couldn't have forgotten or just let him stick it in. Did the condom break? Uh.. Daddy!! What's he going to think?! He's just going to tell me I wasn't being responsible enough, I shouldn't go out with boys like that, I'm dressed the wrong way... Well, I am in deep trouble! I need a life line. I need... to get rid of this cum. This guy can't be all that, right? His cum can't be so strong to get me pregnant... but I can't just let it come to chance. Daddy has strong... oh fuck, what am I thinking. No way would he want to have sex with his own daughter. That's sick. But what if, I just, turned around? He wouldn't have to notice my face. But, he does give me those looks sometimes... Would he really be that opposed? I think I'll ask him. I think if I ask real nicely, he'll want to fuck his little girl and knock her up so that nasty boy doesn't come near me again!

File Size :38mb
Resolution :1920x1080mp4
Duration :00:13:22

Thumbnails :


DOWNLOAD <> : ... My_Egg.mp4

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